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Decoding the civil war

The Lincoln Telegrams project is partnering with the Henry E. Huntington Library & Art Gallery, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and Zooniverse, in “Decoding the Civil War: Engaging the Public with 19th Century Technology and Cryptology through Crowdsourcing,” a two-year project to transcribe and decode Civil War military telegrams through crowdsourcing for online access and develop lesson plans for high school students to learn about primary sources from the telegrams. 

324 Telegrams
397 days
1 President

The Lincoln Telegrams Project presents 324 telegram memos written by president Abraham Lincoln between March 10, 1864 and April 12, 1865.  Transcripts and analysis of the telegram are available on the related Lincoln Wiki Project at

Suspending Death: Lincoln, the Telegraph, and Military Justice - An inquiry lesson featuring the C3 Framework developed by Miranda Danku

Additional instructional lessons for using the Lincoln Telegrams.

Abraham Lincoln- Defender of the Constitution or Tyrant (The Lesson Guide / Student Handout) - developed by Ben Neilson

"What became of our forces?" (The Lesson Guide / Student Handout) - developed by Lauren Player

Becoming Lincoln: A dramatization of the telegrams (The Lesson Guide) - developed by Carson Ford

Lincoln and the Constitution at War (The Lesson Guide) - developed by John Blessing

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Project Director: John K. Lee, North Carolina State University